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Medicine Woman.
Carrier of the Art of Altars.

Messenger of the Carnation.

“I have been asked where I come from so many times, that I take it in a good way. Remembering something that makes humans vital is that we are oral. That is the basis of affective pedagogy, between us and the universe.


I come from a rural community in southern Ecuador. All that I am, I walk and do, is because of my attention to the orality of adults. What I heard and saw do, what they taught and instructed me.”


Medicine Woman, Carrier of the Sacred Art of Altars.  Chief of Vision Quests, Sun Dances, and Spirit Dances in Ecuador, Spain, Chile, Israel, California, Argentina, and Brazil. Creator of the School of Secrets and Gatherings of the Vagina in Australia, America, Europe. Spiritual Leader. Messenger of the Carnation.

"We speak acknowledging the word carried by the wind
With the mandate of that which is ancient and that which is present,
We were germinated by the rain,

We watch, seeing ourselves in the leaf of the tree that cradled us all
Music will be the staff brought by the peoples,
Silence for the father of all the fires – the Sun,

Visible tasks of the Being and Doing,
Infinite renewal of the nourished altars,
Honoured Mother Earth
We have not left,
We return with the only vital offer,
Our Heart."

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