One on the main principles of this approach is to stop using water to wash your face – in fact, avoid getting water on your face as much as possible. There are many minerals and chemicals in water that are harsh and damaging for the sensitive skin on our face.

Whether cleansing or applying oil to your face, always move from the center line of your face outwards. This is because you want to preserve and spread your natural face oils (which are most abundant in the "T-zone" of your face, across the forehead and down the nose and chin. This is true even if you have oily, acne-prone, or problem skin. Your skin will naturally come into balance with its own oils.


  • Organic 100% Rose Water

  • Organic 100% Carrot Seed Oil

  • Cotton face pads/wipes

End of Day Routine

Do this as soon as you get home, don't wait until the end of the day or before going to bed! You can also do this anytime you sweat, accidentally get water on your face (in the shower, for example), or get dirty.


  1. Use Rose water to cleanse your face. If you put it in a small spray bottle, you can spray it on your face or onto the cotton pad.

  2. Wipe from the center line of your face outwards. Use each half of the cotton pad for each side of the face.

  3. Use as many cotton pads as needed until your face is clean.

  4. You will discover that rose water is an excellent make up remover!


  1. Use Carrot Seed Oil as your moisturizer after cleansing.

  2. Lean back and put 7-9 drops directly on the face.

  3. Spread with clean hands, using your fingers to massage from the center line outwards.

  4. Don't forget the neck and near the ears!


Morning Routine

Do this when you wake up in the morning. You do not need to cleanse your face again in the morning. Ideally, you want to preserve the natural oils of your face rather than wipe them away. 


  1. Use Carrot Seed Oil as your moisturizer again, in the same way you did for the evening routine.

  2. Do a light spritz of rose water over the top


A note on Carrot Seed Oil

The Oil used here is NOT essential oil, it is pure Carrot Seed Oil (like this one). If you cannot find this kind of oil, you can use Carrot Seed essential oil, but you must dilute it in a carrier oil, do NOT apply directly to your face. Mix it with an organic carrier oil at a ratio of 50/50. There are a variety of carrier oils you can purchase, or pure organic olive oil or coconut oil are both fine too, depending on your skin. Find one that suits you best.