the destiny of the blood

- An Open Secret -

Exhibition opening Friday, April 21 at 19:00 pm 

"The Destiny of the Blood, An Open Secret", exhibits embroideries by 17 women who comprise the School of Secrets, an international collaboration focused on women’s relationship with their menstruation as an educational path, as a manner of taking care of our health.

Under the artistic direction of Carmen Vicente, Medicine Woman from Ecuador, and in collaboration with Argentinian photographer Marcos Adandía.


From April 21st  to June 11th, 2017
The opening will take place Friday 21 April 19:00 pm


The rite within a community is a form of education. It contains the structure, the calendar, the mathematics of the cosmos. Upon this cosmology lies the understanding of what we do in our daily lives, and how we take care of our health and of all that is secret and luminous.

On this map, the woman’s world view contains a language which is also narrated through her blood. In the record of this memory live the secret rites of women inherited throughout eras, territories and cultures. In the record of this memory lives the understanding for each woman of what to do with her blood in every stage of her life. And from this, she understands how to best navigate her life and her heritage. In this practice, women have developed their art that is concealed from others' eyes. In their experienced daily actions they have encountered the privilege of being free; owners of that which is ignored.  

Blood, period, menstruation and cycle

Health is a collective secret, a right and a duty for all men and all women. The living being comes from the natural period from its completed stages. The tree is not born before the seed has completed its cycle. A woman does not bleed before she has learned from her childhood. A man’s voice does not deepen before he has listened to the advice from his father, his mother, his community.

Men and women walk in wide periods,

of the man who sows the secret

which the woman incubates.

The blood of women’s menstruation initiates the destinies of the generations, threads of the family, the first being that gave us light and the being who taught us in the dark.

Secret is the period of the rivers of blood.

Secret and dark

is the time of the seed

beneath the earth

that seeks the light

when dawn rises outside.

Carmen Vicente

“This work is a secret heritage passed down to us through generations of women. Each student is implored to understand and protect the secrecy of this knowledge.”