We have the responsibility of cultivating the flowers so that the hummingbird always brings the sun

Ceremonies of Altars and Words under the guidance of Carmen Vicente.

The program consists of a series of online gatherings. All sessions are conducted through live Zoom webinars of approximately 90 minutes, and are recorded for those who want to watch afterwards or cannot attend live. Carmen speaks in Spanish with simultaneous translation to English. It is also possible to attend a single ceremony.

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US$25 for residents of Central/South America

US$90 for students of Carmen's




live ceremony​

Carmen & MamaMiche


live ceremony

Carmen & MamaMiche

+ LIVE day of the dead CEREMONY

US$80 for residents of Central/South America

US$160 for students of Carmen's



The Word and with her, the Prayer, was offered to the gratitude of creation in times of the power of the spirit. So it was said and so it is written in the flowers of each spring, in the flowers that were born accompanying the song of the ancients and the people of now. Each word will be cared for by the flower of the natural calendars of time. We shall ask for the faith, the power and cleanliness of each word that we hear and offer. Word converted into prayer and instruction, for the steps that we will take in these times of vital return, to the collective memory.

Above all I greet the strength and the center

The strength and center of that which we call love

For the work we must renew

For the work we must recreate, for the work of this century
What is our decision?

What is our commitment? And what is our vision?

How are we going to continue? How are we going to understand being the support, being the help in the moment when it's necessary?

Where do we put our spirit and our curiosity?

With whom will I share the secret? And how will I share it?

Sharing, gathering, caring for the faith in every word. 

Altar of flowers, words and faith.

We come here to live and to understand that now more than ever, we need guardians of the actions and words.

Women and Men: the flower is yours, both!

day of the southern cross ceremony

Recorded May 3

solstice ceremony

Recorded June 21

EQUINOX ceremony

September 20


THE DEAD ceremony

November 1





The Carmen & MamaMiche ceremony is on Sunday, September 20th.

The Day of the Dead ceremony is on Sunday, November 1st.

Both ceremonies will be at 3 PM Ecuador time

Please check your local time here.

What if I can't attend live?

You will receive the recording of any event you registered for. This is for private use and will not be shared publicly. It's not required to participate live, but if you can, we highly recommend it.


Carmen will speak in Spanish, and will have simultaneous spoken translation to English. You do not have to understand any Spanish in order to attend!


Yes! When you register for the full cycle, you will receive an email with private links to the Day of the Southern Cross (May 3) and Solstice (June 21) recordings. You can watch them anytime, and join the next two ceremonies live.

What is the benefit of attending the full four-ceremony cycle?

This series has been especially designed as a four part cycle. It is possible to attend and give the corresponding contribution for just one ceremony. However, we suggest participating in the complete cycle, which will give you a more comprehensive experience, and the possibility of a work of continuing education and attention.

Is there a special price for Vision Questers, Spirit Dancers, and School of Secrets graduates?

Yes! You get a special US$ 40 discount if you are a student of Carmen's, meaning that you must have participated in at least one:

  • Vision Quest with Carmen - questers only, not incl. support

  • Spirit Dance with Carmen - dancers only, not incl. support

  • School of Secrets

Simply enter the code COMUNIDAD at checkout.

Can I get a discount?

Many people’s money situation is in profound flux right now. Please email us if you need financial assistance. If you are doing fine and want to give a little extra to subsidize those who cannot pay; or if you would like to add a contribution for Carmen's work, please add this option at check out.


Please consider that it is not possible for Carmen to travel closer to you right now, so this is a real way through which we can learn from her, receive guidance and inspiration, and support her work.


Once your registration is completed, you will receive a confirmation email. Additionally, before each ceremony you will receive an email in advance, with a Link / Zoom ID and specific instructions from Carmen for the preparation of each meeting.

What if I have more questions?


Please contact us. Before you do, read all the info contained in this section to make sure your question hasn’t already been answered.

Listen to your prayer.

What is this change that we are being told that is coming?

What is going to change for us and within us?

We are already the ones making the call,

inviting the prophecies for the children about to be born

they shall live